SYNAPS IS A LABORATORY, where we both scrutinize the social trends that define a world in transformation and explore innovative ways of conducting that research. Because we believe that effective solutions to today’s problems can only emerge collaboratively, we are happy to disclose our experiments and put ourselves under your microscope. Ideally, we would like to both benefit our audience and learn from it, through constructive, critical feedback via the comments box. (And as we are serious about what we do, administrators will expunge any ranting and venting, which just doesn’t belong here.)

Synaps doesn’t aim solely at incubating ideas: it ambitions to help build a brain trust of individuals who think creatively about the challenges we all face. This is why we invest heavily in human capital, through intensive mentoring and, we hope, effective management. This blog captures, unpacks and feeds back into that effort.

It is organized around three major themes. Fieldwork is essential to our methodology, as we are convinced that any thinking of practical use must be rooted in human experience of the issues at hand. Teamwork describes the processes through which we interact, distribute roles, share knowledge, coexist in the same space, and build on each other’s strengths. Artwork is an intentionally flamboyant word for our output, including but not restricted to our publications: although we may not create masterpieces, we’ll certainly try hard, and this section documents the lessons learned as we do.

Our research is designed to be as meaningful as possible to readers who feel concerned by the issues we tackle. This blog is the place to discuss, challenge and improve our formula. Be part of our R & D!

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